Cheers to 2018!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m happy to report that I was able to enjoy all the must-eat foods on my list while I was home for the holidays. Unfortunately, that now means that my 2018 diet has officially begun and I’m going to have to say goodbye to my beloved baos and bubble tea for a while.

In past years when I’ve started my New Year’s diet, my primary motivation was to be happy with the way I look. While it’s definitely important to feel comfortable in your own skin, I admit that with age, I’m less and less concerned with trying to keep up with Instagram models. For 2018, I’m trying to shift my main focus for dieting and working out from looking good in a bikini to trying to maintain good health overall. I really sound like a granny now, don’t I? But as you get older and see people within your age bracket suffering from serious health issues, it puts things in perspective a little bit. So this year, bring on the multivitamins and kale juice.

Along with my first New Year’s resolution, i also want to really learn how to cook this year. I have to admit, this was my New Year’s resolution in 2017….and in 2016…okay, and in 2015 as well. While I have been gradually improving over the years, I still wouldn’t consider myself an established cook by any means. I’ve definitely made progress since that time in college when I tried to heat up pizza and set the oven on fire (that’s a story for another time) or that time on Thanksgiving when I misread the recipe and accidentally threw an entire cup of salt into the pot of collard greens (also a story for another time); however, I still have a long way to go. Also, I don’t cook nearly as much as I should and my repertoire is seriously lacking. So this year, as an effort to eat healthier as well as be more domestic, I hope to cook more and to expand the number and types of dishes I can make. Maybe I’ll even try cooking a Taiwanese dish this year!

As always, I’m trying to learn more about myself and become increasingly comfortable with who I am this year. 2017 was definitely a year of personal growth – I embarked on my first-ever solo trip and spent two unbelievable weeks in Spain and Morocco, found ways to give back to the community through enriching volunteer opportunities, relearned Spanish, started this blog, and learned how to love myself just as I am – and I hope to continue on my journey in the year to come. Whether that means growing stronger in my relationship with God, traveling to new countries, exploring new hobbies, or determining the next step in my career path, I am eager to see what opportunities lie ahead for me.

Lastly, in 2018, I’m really excited to see where Diary of a Quiet Asian Girl goes. The past few months were somewhat of an experimental period to see if this was just an itch I needed to scratch or if I could see myself doing this seriously. After the first few blog posts, I’m more excited than ever to continue sharing and learning more about the Asian-American experience. The support from my friends and family, and even from people I barely know, has been so uplifting. I truly appreciate each and every person who reads my blog and as always, if there are any topics you’d like to read about, let me know!

Cheers to 2018! I hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous new year!

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1 thought on “Cheers to 2018!”

  1. Feel free to use me as your culinary guinea pig! My resume includes:
    1. A love for eating in general (a little too much I’ll have to admit)
    2. Eating strange things from all over the world.
    3. Having an iron stomach from training it to digest all these strange delicacies from around the world.
    4. Being my mom’s human garbage disposal (as in eating, not saying that her food’s bad, lol) when she wants to learn a new recipe and makes 100 batches of the same thing.
    5. A love for free meals =P

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